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Our Detailed Building Inspection Service Provides Peace of Mind To Our Valued Wellington Clients

Whether you’re buying or selling property, a reliable house building inspection service is crucial. Our professional building assessor company in Wellington brings 30 years of industry experience to the table. We implement efficient methods that allow us to deliver swift and accurate inspections. Trust 90 Degrees to give you thorough inspections to avoid unwanted surprises.

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How a Home Inspection in Wellington Helps You

Here are some quick ways in which home inspections provide value to you:

  • No surprises when purchasing. When you plan to buy a home, a building inspection provides you with 100% transparency on any potential issues that the sellers may not have shared with you. This information can save you from making the wrong purchase or even drive down the purchase price.
  • Backing for your sales price. An inspection will show you in what state your home is and if you’ve overlooked anything before putting it on the market. These inspections will help you settle on the appropriate selling price since you’ll have all the information regarding due repairs or possible upcoming maintenance.
  • Information on possible dangers. Should any of your home’s systems prove a potential danger, a thorough inspection will bring this otherwise hidden information to your attention. With this information, you can make repairs before damages become dangerous.

Choose 90 Degrees for Your Next Home Inspection

With our experience and reliable equipment, you will receive the right assessments for your property that shines a light on anything out of place. Contact us today for a cost-effective building inspection report for Wellington’s expert team.

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