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Earthquake Damage Assessments and House Inspections for Insurance Purpose

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We understand the critical importance of ensuring the safety and resilience of your property, especially in earthquake-prone regions like Wellington. Our dedicated Earthquake and Insurance Assessment services are designed to provide you with the assurance and information needed to safeguard your investment. With a wealth of experience in the building industry, we are Wellington's trusted team for comprehensive insurance inspection reports and earthquake building inspections.

In addition to our earthquake and insurance reports, we offer a wide range of commercial and residential construction inspections, including pre-purchase building reports , healthy homes standards inspections and detailed building reports.

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Accurate Earthquake Damage Reports

As Wellingtonians, we all live in a region susceptible to seismic activity, which necessitates a proactive approach to assessing and mitigating potential earthquake damage. Our expert team conducts thorough inspections to identify vulnerabilities in your property's structure. This includes evaluating the integrity of foundations, load-bearing elements, and overall structural soundness. Our Earthquake Damage Reports are comprehensive documents that outline existing vulnerabilities and recommend measures to enhance the seismic resilience of your property.

Building Reports for Insurance Purposes

Insurance coverage for your property is vital to risk management. Our team specialises in providing detailed Building Reports tailored to the specific requirements of insurance companies. These reports go beyond the standard pre-purchase inspection, focusing on elements that are crucial for insurance purposes. By having a thorough and accurate Building Report, you meet the requirements of insurance providers and ensure that potential risks are identified and addressed, reducing the likelihood of disputes in the event of a claim.

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