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Ensure Comfort, Compliance, and Well-Being with a Healthy Homes Inspection - We Work Throughout Wellington and The Kapiti Coast

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Keep your home compliant through our comprehensive Healthy Homes Inspection Services. As qualified professionals in the building industry, we adhere to the Healthy Homes Standards introduced by the New Zealand government in February 2019. Our healthy home’s standards inspections go beyond the surface, ensuring that your rental property complies with the standards and provides a safe and healthy living environment.

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What We Check

Our experienced, qualified building inspector team meticulously examines key compliance areas outlined in the Healthy Homes Standards, addressing the following aspects:


We assess the insulation levels to ensure they meet the standards set by the regulations. Adequate insulation is crucial for maintaining a warm and energy-efficient home.


Proper ventilation prevents moisture buildup and maintains indoor air quality. Our assessment includes checking ventilation systems to ensure they meet the specified standards.


We evaluate the heating sources in your property, confirming that they provide sufficient warmth during colder months. Meeting heating standards is vital for creating a comfortable and healthy living space.

Draught Stopping:

Draughts can significantly impact the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Our assessment identifies and addresses any draught issues, contributing to energy efficiency and a more comfortable home.

Moisture Control:

Excessive moisture can lead to mould and dampness, affecting both the property's structure and occupants' health. We inspect moisture control measures to ensure they align with the Healthy Homes Standards.

The Importance of Meeting Healthy Homes Standards:

Ensuring your property complies with Healthy Homes Standards is not just about meeting legal requirements; it's about creating homes that prioritise the well-being of occupants.

Why is a Healthy Homes Inspection Necessary?

A compliant property provides:

Comfortable Living: A well-ventilated, insulated, and heated home ensures year-round comfort for tenants.

Health Benefits: Reduced risk of respiratory issues, allergies, and other health concerns associated with damp and poorly ventilated spaces.

Added Property Value: A property that meets Healthy Homes Standards holds higher market value, attracting quality tenants and safeguarding your investment.

Rental Property Compliance: Complying with Healthy Homes Standards is a crucial aspect of rental property management. A compliant property is more likely to attract responsible and long-term tenants, enhancing the overall rental experience.

Following a successful assessment, we provide a compliance certificate, offering assurance and documentation of your property's adherence to Healthy Homes Standards.

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