Why Is a Pre-Purchase Building Report Necessary?

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Why Is a Pre-Purchase Building Report Necessary?

Before you commit to buying a new home, it’s advisable to make sure that you get a pre-purchase building report from a team you can trust. We provide everything you need – whether a full or verbal report depending on urgency – so that you can move into a home knowing everything is in place.

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What to Expect From a Pre-Sale Building Report

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we look for when we provide a building inspection report in Wellington:

  • Exterior - We make sure that the exterior of the property doesn’t have damages you weren’t warned about or worse - damages that jeopardise the property. The exterior includes everything from the walls to the roof.
  • Interior - Like our exterior inspection, we ensure that the home’s interior is in suitable condition and that you won’t have any disappointments or difficulties when moving in. This part of the inspection includes everything from the floors to the ceiling to the pre-installed appliances.
  • Inner Workings - Here we refer to power points and pipes. The last thing you want is to move in only to find out your water doesn’t heat up properly or that some of your power points don’t work.

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If you’re considering buying a home, call first so we can do the necessary checks to confirm that the home is in the proper condition for you and your family. With 90 Degrees, you can expect top-quality professionalism on every job and an efficient turnaround time.

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